What is InCNTRE?

The Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education (InCNTRE) seeks to advance development, increase knowledge, and encourage adoption of OpenFlow and other standards-based Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies.

The center achieves this by bringing engineers from the world's most advanced production networks together with leading researchers to:

  • Translate innovation to real-world application
  • Train the next generation of network engineers
  • Conduct networking research
  • Promote collaboration

InCNTRE is supported by Indiana University, in collaboration with IU’s Global Research Network Operations Center.

What is SDN?

SDN provides an open software interface for controlling the forwarding behavior of networks. This not only allows network operators, researchers, and others to customize their networks, but also plays a central role in the evolution of the Internet infrastructure.

What does InCNTRE's SDN Lab do?

The lab is a neutral, third party facility for testing the interoperability and compliance of SDN products. The lab also helps undergraduate and graduate students learn about SDN through hands-on experience.

What are the lab's core services?

SDN/OpenFlow interoperability testing:

  • Use lab resources to test product interoperability
  • Work with lab staff to:
    • Develop and execute test plans
    • Document results
    • Share results with participating members

Hands-on OpenFlow training:

  • Train at the SDN Lab in Indianapolis, or at your facility
  • Learn directly from experienced instructors
  • Take advantage of public or private training sessions

For more information, see the training page.

OpenFlow compliance testing: Available after the Open Networking Foundation creates the switch compliance program.

Will InCNTRE offer testing services for other network technologies (e.g., MPLS and IPv6)?

No, InCNTRE's sole focus is SDN and related topics such as research, education, and testing.

How do I join the SDN interoperability program?

The program is a testing consortium; all members sign on to the same membership agreement and pay an annual membership fee (currently $20,000/year). Members must also contribute at least one product to the lab's permanent test-bed.

Download the member agreement
Questions? Contact us.

How do members schedule lab time?

Lab reservations are first-come, first-serve. However, you must use your existing reservation before booking additional time.

View the lab schedule
Request testing time

What resources are available for testing?


  • Netgear GSM7352 (Indigo Firmware)
  • Pronto 3290
  • HP 5406
  • Brocade MLXe-4
  • Brocade CES 2024C
  • IBM G8264
  • NEC Rack Switch G8264
  • NEC Programable Flow PF5240 Switch
  • NEC Programable Flow Controller


  • Floodlight
  • NOX
  • Flowvisor
  • OE-SS
  • FlowScale
  • Open vSwitch
  • POX

How do I sign-up for OpenFlow training?

Go to the training page to sign up for upcoming public training sessions

InCNTRE also offers private training sessions. If you’d like to arrange training for a group of 15 or more, please contact us.

Do you plan to offer web-based training?

Yes, we are adapting our program for web-based delivery. Check the training page for updates.