Steve Wallace
InCNTRE Executive Director

Steven Wallace leads Indiana University's Software-Defined Network (SDN) education and international collaboration initiatives. Wallace boasts more than 25 years of experience in network design, research, and deployment, which includes 10 years leading IU's engineering support for Abilene (Internet2’s first high-speed backbone) and directing the university's Advanced Network Management Lab. Currently, Wallace is the senior technical advisor for Internet2, where he recently led the development of the network's successful Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) proposal. BTOP is funding a $90 million dollar upgrade of the Internet2 Network.

Ron Milford
InCNTRE Director

Ron Milford is director of InCNTRE at Indiana University where he built the SDN Lab from the ground up and has led interoperability testing for OpenFlow both in the InCNTRE Lab and at Industry Events. Ron was instrumental in planning, organizing and running the ONF Fall 2012 Plugfest hosted at the InCNTRE SDN Lab and the OpenFlow SCinet Research Sandbox at SC11 in Seattle. Ron is also co-chair of the ONF Testing & Interoperability WG where he helps develop and drive OpenFlow conformance & Interoperability testing and contributes back to the OF standard. Prior to his involvement in the SDN Lab, Ron spent more than 15 years as a Network Engineer, designing and operating commercial and R&E service provider networks. As a network engineer, his achievements include planning and leading a team to upgrade over 10,000km of optical infrastructure in a very aggressive 5-month timeframe, architecting and leading a team to merge two nationwide commercial service provider networks and traveling the world to help conduct networking training workshops for new engineers in developing countries.

Martin Swany
InCNTRE Director of Research

Martin Swany is director of Reseach at InCNTRE, where he leads the GEMINI (GENI Measurement and Instrumentation Infrastructure) and Phoebus projects. The GEMINI project will create an infrastructure to support measurement of data on GENI, while Phoebus seeks to bring revolutionary networks like Internet2's Dynamic Circuit Network (DCN) Infrastructure to users. Swany is also an associate professor of Computer Science in IU's School of Informatics and Computing, and the Internet2 Faculty Fellow involving work in network metrics and performance-enhancing middleware. He is the 2004 recipient of the US Department of Energy Early Career Principal Investigator award.

Sovanna Chuon
SDN Lab manager

Sovanna Chuon is the SDN Lab manager at InCNTRE, where he leads testing for OpenFlow and SDN conformance and interoperability.

Before joining InCNTRE in summer 2014, Chuon spent seven years as an IT consultant on federal and state government projects. As a specialist in systems, network, and security, he developed and implemented standards and best practices, leading efforts to modernize government data centers. These initiatives included virtualizing 300+ servers, and building and testing disaster recovery sites. Prior to working as a government consultant, Chuon built and operated a for-profit organization for Internet Media Centers, Network Operations Centers, and Security Operations Centers in New York City.

Chuon obtained his bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems with a concentration on management and entrepreneurship from Baruch College.

Tom Zeller
Summer of Networking Program Coordinator

Tom Zeller is a senior technology analyst at Indiana University with more than 25 years of experience in areas ranging from desktops and mobile devices to servers and telecommunications. Zeller led the projects that brought WiFi to IU, installed firewalls at the university's state-of-the-art data centers, and introduced Blackberry support for Microsoft Exchange. He was also a member of a team that examined telecommunications convergence and its implications for network architecture, reliability, performance, and monitoring. Zeller continues to monitor trends and technologies across the information technology spectrum, including WiFi, cellular wireless, unified communication, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, and network security.

Ezra Kissel
Principal Software Research Engineer

Ezra Kissel joined InCENTRE in June 2012 after receiving his PhD from the University of Delaware.  He is a member of the Phoebus and GEMINI (GENI Measurement and Instrumentation Infrastructure) projects as well as lead developer of the eXtensible Session Protocol (XSP).  Kissel's research interests include high-performance networking, network protocol design, grid computing, and network security.

Nikhil Kappagantula
Test Engineer

Nikhil joined InCNTRE's SDN Interoperability Lab as an Intern in the Fall of 2013 while attending Graduate School at IUPUI.  As an Intern, Nikhil helped develope and maintain OFTest, and performed OpenFlow Conformance testing on a wide range of OpenFlow hardware.  After graduating with a Master of Science in Computer and Information Science, he continues to work for InCNTRE as a Network Test Engineer.  Nikhil is currently responsible for systems and network administration, development of OFTest and other OpenFlow related applications, mentoring interns and conducting training on OpenFlow Conformance Testing, Analysis, Troubleshooting and Review.

Jonathan Stout

Jonathan Stout first joined InCNTRE's SDN Interoperability Lab while attending Indiana University in the summer of 2011. During this period Jonathan attended InCNTRE's first Summer of Networking internship program, managed network and server systems for the SDNLab, and became familiar with a wide range of OpenFlow software controllers and OpenFlow enabled hardware. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, he continues to work at the SDNLab. Jonathan is currently responsible for systems administration, automation of test plan execution and lab procedures, and the development of related OpenFlow software.

Alice Jackson
Project and Information Manager

Alice Jackson has supported technology at IU since 1997.  She joins InCNTRE in a project management role in support of InCNTRE business processes, events, and administration of the Summer of Networking.  
Prior to joining InCNTRE, Alice supported technology on the Indianapolis campus, the University Library, and the GlobalNOC.  Throughout her career, Alice has specialized in bridging communications between engineers and customers in an effort to improve the support process for both parties.  Her work at InCNTRE has given her the opportunity to apply both technical and communications interests in a highly energized team. 

Dave E. Jent
IU Associate Vice President for Networking

For more than 20 years, David Jent has worked at Indiana University in all aspects of network design, installation, project management, and strategic direction setting. His strong network background provides a stable foundation for leading senior technical staff and managing complex network engineering design issues, and for managing critical relationships with the National Research and Education Network community. His current portfolio includes managing the Global Research Network Operations Center Engineering team, which operates ten-plus state, national, and international R&E networks including the New Internet2 Network and National Lambda Rail. Jent is also the managing director of operations for the Indiana GigaPop, which spans two diverse, co-located facilities in Indianapolis and Chicago. The Indiana GigaPop provides commodity internet and R&E network connectivity to major state/regional institutions, and is active in the Quilt organization and in projects in the state of Indiana to further the deployment of high speed networking. In addition, Jent’s division supports I-Light, the optical network that connects Indiana schools of higher education. In the recent past Jent served as project manager for the Next Generation Abilene Router (NGAR) deployment project. He was also the project manager for the installation of dark fiber between Bloomington, Indianapolis, and West Lafayette. This network was the first university-owned dark fiber infrastructure of its size in the nation. Jent has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University, awarded at IUPUI.