InCNTRE SDN Lab to open doors to non-ONF members

The Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education (InCNTRE) Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Lab is set to reap the benefits of the Open Networking Foundation’s (ONF) recent decision to extend the OpenFlow Conformance Testing Program to non-members.

The conformance test gives networking vendors an opportunity to show their product works with a particular version of OpenFlow. Verification by InCNTRE will now authorize non-ONF members to use the OpenFlow conformance logo and publicize their OpenFlow conformance.

“The more vendors that enter this space, the more momentum SDN and OpenFlow will have behind it — and that is good for the entire industry,” said InCNTRE Director Ron Milford. The ONF selected the InCNTRE SDN Lab as the first independent lab approved for testing in 2012.

Conformance-tested hardware and software receive a certificate and a listing on the ONF website. Companies interested in testing their products can contact InCNTRE or one of the other international ONF-approved labs to arrange for testing.

“The ONF testing program has seen great traction in the past year within our membership, and we’ve determined it is time to open the program up to non-members as well,” said Dan Pitt, ONF executive director. “Through the expansion of this program, end users will have additional assurance that the products they purchase from vendors are OpenFlow conformant, regardless of ONF membership.”

Because customers have greater confidence when they purchase the most recent technology with the highest level of quality assurance, vendors with OpenFlow-conformant products experience a competitive advantage. Increased commercialization and adoption of the OpenFlow standard benefits the SDN industry.

“This expansion opens up the possibility for InCNTRE to work with more companies, specifically startup or low-cost vendors that may not see significant benefit in ONF membership, but still want to develop OpenFlow enabled products,” said Milford.

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