InCNTRE opens up SDN Lab to R&E institutions

As part of an ongoing mission to further the adoption of standards-based Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, InCNTRE is proud to announce expanded access to its Indianapolis-based SDN Interoperability Lab.  

InCNTRE's SDN Lab was the first in the world to provide conformance testing for device vendors who sought to comply with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) standards for OpenFlow. Previously limited to vendor partners, the lab will now open its doors to research and education (R&E) institutions, including the 300 affiliated with Internet2.

Because of the expanded membership, “the lab will become a conduit between network researchers and networking vendors to help fund and commercialize new ideas and research initiatives,” said Ron Milford, InCNTRE SDN Lab director and vice chair of the ONF Testing and Interoperability Working Group.

Vendors can expect clear communication with the R&E users testing their products and services.  Milford said, “the lab will host a pool of shared resources new members can request and reserve to perform various types of testing without having to invest significantly to duplicate equipment and personnel.” 

Expansion of lab access will also mean increased opportunities for training and prototyping, as well as greater access to leading-edge network and testing gear.