January 22, 2013
INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education (InCNTRE) at Indiana University will host its first Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Lab PlugFest Feb. 19-21 in Indianapolis. The event will allow SDN Lab members to test the interoperability of their products with Big Switch Networks’ platform for SDN, the Big Network Controller. Big Switch Networks is a founding member of the SDN Lab.
“The PlugFest is another way that InCNTRE works to advance SDN technologies while fostering community among vendors,” said Steve Wallace, acting InCNTRE executive director. “Big Switch's recent product launch is garnering a great deal of industry attention, and our members are expressing interest in testing their switches with the new controller. We anticipate this event being the first of many highlighting our members’ technology.”
InCNTRE seeks to advance SDN and to enable researchers, students and IT staff within the academic community to innovate with SDN. In recent years, SDN has emerged as a way for organizations to save money and time by building customized and dynamic networks. The center’s research, education and testing activities are advancing the industry while training the network engineers and developers of the future. In addition, InCNTRE's SDN Interoperability Lab is the world's only neutral, third-party SDN testing facility.
"The InCNTRE team has been providing independent interoperability testing since before the industry heard of software-defined networking or its effect on network virtualization,” said Rob Sherwood, principal architect at Big Switch Networks. “We are gratified that InCNTRE has selected the Big Network Controller for its first single controller interoperability showcase in response to an unprecedented number of requests.”
About Big Switch Networks
Big Switch Networks is a leader in open software-defined networking. The company’s open SDN platform embraces industry standards, open APIs, open source and vendor-neutral support for both physical and virtual networking infrastructure. The Big Switch Networks product suite supports a broad range of networking applications, including network virtualization for public and private cloud data centers built upon OpenStack, CloudStack and other platforms. For more, see
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