New manager casts a vision for the InCNTRE SDN Lab

Demand for InCNTRE services is on the rise, and with the quickening pace comes Sovanna Chuon as the new manager of the Indianapolis-based Software Defined Networking (SDN) Lab.

As manager, Chuon will oversee and facilitate all communication and logistics related to training and testing at the SDN Lab. Chuon says he relishes the opportunity to test OpenFlow equipment from many vendors and push InCNTRE to stay in front of SDN advances.   

"I’m excited to have Sovanna on board," said Ron Milford, InCNTRE director. "He brings a wide range of experience and a skillset that fits closely with our vision for the future of InCNTRE." 

Math and science "run in his blood," Chuon said, and being able to orient a lab to capitalize on future trends is another attribute he brings to the table. "Strategic changes are crucial to keep our lab ahead of the competition. We need to constantly anticipate process improvement. This is where I feel that I can most add value to our team," he noted.

Born to a family of engineers, scientists, and professors, Chuon was first exposed to computers when his family emigrated from Cambodia in the summer of 1983. It wasn’t long until he fell in love, writing his first Basic computer program on an IBM TRS-80 at age 12.  

Chuon became an expert in server, network, and security technologies thanks in part to Computer Information Systems and software development studies at Baruch College, Columbia University, and New York University.

"With my background in running data centers for private companies, and consulting for state and federal government agencies, I hope to bring some new concepts, standards, and best practices to the SDN Lab," Chuon said.  

Chuon's first order of business will be to help the InCNTRE SDN Lab stand out from the crowd by obtaining ISO 17025 certification, essential accreditation for testing and calibration centers. But refined certification and technical advances are only a small part of Chuon’s vision. 

"Ultimately, I want to have a strong customer service focus and make it easy for our clients to do business, so they will return again and again," Chuon said.