Supported by InCNTRE at Indiana University

Interoporability Testing

OpenFlow Interoperability Consortium Member benefits include 3 or more weeks (based on availability and total number of consortium members) of scheduled interoperability testing services and access to the SDN Lab’s testing suite. Members may select from an ever-expanding list of applications, equipment and test cases to test against in a custom test-bed. If a preplanned test does not suit your needs, InCNTRE’s lab staff will work with your engineers to design and execute test plans according to your specifications. Members are able to publicly share the official test results from the SDN Lab under certain restrictions.

Members can book lab time as needed - generally up to 2-week at a time (consecutive or non-consecutive) - as space allows.  An additional week may be booked after the first week has been used - as space allows

Members are also invited to attend any of our occasional Interoperability “plugfest” events hosted at the InCNTRE SDN Lab. 

For more information about Interoperability testing or to schedule an Interoperability test, please contact us at