OpenFlow/SDN Workshops

Our most recent OpenFlow/SDN Workshop was held at the 2014 Internet2 Technology Exchange in Indianapolis.

Please click here for more information about the event.

Hands-On Workshops

OpenFlow is still new and evolving.  Likewise,  so are the workshops.  Every workshop we give incorprates feedback from previous sessions: student input and changes in the OpenFlow environment. Each workshop event has been substantially different.  Our most recent exercises have been migrated to Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for increased training flexibility.  However, all sessions retain discussion on OpenFlow's value, origins, and details along with hands-on and whiteboard exercises.   The hands-on workshops are about OpenFlow's internal workings, and very little will be polished examples of its application.  Be prepared work through real world OpenFlow exercises in addition to learning what it promises for the future of networking.

You will need:

A Laptop with Internet connection

ssh client & x-windows server

           (window users can use PuTTY)

competency with Ethernet switching


Please contact: