SDN & OpenFlow Workshop
(1 day)

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This workshop is geared towards network and sales engineers. A basic understanding of current networking protocols and configuration is expected. The workshop covers topics from the Intro to Software Defined Networking and Intro to OpenFlow lectures. It also provides more in-depth OF protocol instruction, use case examples and step-by-step examples of network functions using OpenFlow. Attendees will gain hands-on experience using several OpenFlow controllers to provision flow-tables of both real and virtual switches. Each person will leave with a broader understanding of SDN, a detailed understanding of the OpenFlow protocol, it’s potential use cases and it’s relation to SDN.

Course outline

1. SDN Intro

  • Themes
  • Examples
  • AWS Demo

2. OpenFlow

  • Origin, owner and stakeholders
  • 1.0 fundamentals
  • 1.0 demos
  • 1.0 hands-on exercises
  • 1.3 changes
  • 1.3 multi-table exercises

3. Other SDN Examples