OpenFlow Conformance Testing & Troubleshooting
(2 days)

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This workshop assumes completion of the 1-day SDN & OpenFlow Workshop or an equivalent knowledge of SDN and OpenFlow and is geared towards network and test engineers. It takes a more advanced look at the OpenFlow protocol and requirements for interoperability and conformance. Attendees will learn how to analyze and troubleshoot communications between the controller and switch. They will run a variety of testing tools with a variety of switches, analyze and compare results.

Course outline

Day 1

1. Quick review of SDN & OpenFlow Workshop (1 day)

  • 1.0 vs 1.3
  • Changes
  • Packet processing
  • Table-miss


2. Review PCAP

  • Message Type
  • Symmetric
  • Controller-to-Switch
  • Asynchronous
  • Error messages
  • Overlapping flows


3. Open Networking Foundation

  • Membership-based 30K a year.
  • Startup Membership 1K a year.
  • Members agree to share IP on reasonable terms.
  • Working group evolve the standard.
  • Not like IETF, ITU, IEEE, etc.



  • Membership-based
  • Verify ONF and InCNTRE membership


5. Conformance Testing

  • 1.0 Conformance Test Specification
  • 1.3 Conformance Test Specification
  • Conformance Testing Process/Workflow


Spec Text:

“If a flow entry with identical match fields and priority already resides in the requested table, then that entry, including its duration must be cleared from the table and the new flow entry must be added.”

Test Methodology:

Configure and connect DUT to controller. After control channel establishment, add a flow matching on a named field (under the given Pre-requisites for the match). Wait a set period of time. Add a second flow with an identical match, the OFPFF_CHECK_OVERLAP flag not set, the same priority as flow one, but a different cookie value from flow one. Verify that flow one has been removed, that flow two is installed, the second flow's cookie field is set correctly, and the flow's duration counter has reset.



1. Discuss environment setting

  • OF Patch Pannel
  • OF-Test Configuration


2. Demo test cases/groups

  • Review specification and Google spreadsheet
  • Run test
  • Analyze result