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Watch this space for new training classes planned for April 2015!

  • SDN Overview 1-day training - coming in April
  • Member Testing Event - coming in May
  • Training for ONF Labs - coming 2016

Training currently available

InCNTRE offers a variety of lectures, workshops and demos. Any of these can be combined or customized, and most can be provided at the InCNTRE facility or remotely at a location of your choosing. Pricing varies based on location and number of attendees. Educational discounts are available. Please contact incntre@iu.edu for more information.


   Workshops    Lectures and Demos
   SDN & Openflow (1 day)    Intro to Software Defined Networking
   OpenFlow Conformance Testing and Troubleshooting (2 days)    Intro to OpenFlow
   OpenFlow Conformance Test Analysis and Review (1-2 days)    Intro to SDN Demo
   Understanding OpenFlow Testing in Depth (5 days)  



SDN & OpenFlow Workshop (1 day)

This workshop is geared towards network and sales engineers. A basic understanding of current networking protocols and configuration is expected. The workshop covers topics from the Intro to Software Defined Networking and Intro to OpenFlow lectures. It also provides more in-depth OF protocol instruction, use case examples and step-by-step examples of network functions using OpenFlow. Attendees will gain hands-on experience using several OpenFlow controllers to provision flow-tables of both real and virtual switches. Each person will leave with a broader understanding of SDN, a detailed understanding of the OpenFlow protocol, its potential use cases and its relation to SDN.

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OpenFlow Conformance Testing & Troubleshooting (2 days)

This workshop assumes completion of the 1-day SDN & OpenFlow Workshop or an equivalent knowledge of SDN and OpenFlow and is geared towards network and test engineers. It takes a more advanced look at the OpenFlow protocol and requirements for interoperability and conformance. Attendees will learn how to analyze and troubleshoot communications between the controller and switch. They will run a variety of testing tools with a variety of switches, analyzing and comparing results.

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OpenFlow Conformance Test Analysis and Review (1-2 days)

This workshop is geared towards test labs that wish to analyze and compare results in preparation to become an ONF certified test lab. It assumes completion of the 1-day SDN & OpenFlow Workshop and 2-day OpenFlow Conformance Testing & Troubleshooting workshop or equivalent prior knowledge. This is not a requirement for ONF certification.

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For labs wishing to partner in conformance testing:

Understanding OpenFlow and Conformance Testing In Depth

This 5-day training class provides an introduction to SDN and SDN systems as related to OpenFlow. It then focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of OpenFlow devices and comprehending their differences in respect to deployments and development of solutions. It provides hands-on experience with test tools, their application, usage, and interpreting results to understand device capabilities. It also explains the relevant OpenFlow protocol standards in detail, how to understand and debug systems at the OpenFlow wire protocol message level, and how OpenFlow conformance testing is conducted.

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Lectures & Demos (1-2 hours)

Intro to Software Defined Networking

This lecture covers broader SDN technologies and themes. It presents SDN use cases for Data Center, WAN and Enterprise. You will get an overview of the OF protocol and its relation to SDN, as well as background on the Open Networking Foundation and its current directions. Discussion will also introduce white box and bare metal switching, including reference designs and linux based operating systems.


Intro to OpenFlow

This lecture discusses OpenFlow’s origins and current state. It introduces basic concepts including separation of control and data plane, the flow table and abstraction of network functions. You will be provided with an overview of the OF protocol and use cases including the differences between OF version 1.0 and 1.3.Discussion will also cover the Open Networking Foundation and its current directions.


Intro to SDN Demo

Demonstration of SDN technologies in the real world including infrastructure as a service, provisioning and securing virtual compute and network resources.



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