Supported by InCNTRE at Indiana University

Conformance Testing

The InCNTRE SDN Lab is the first lab authorized by the ONF to perform OpenFlow Conformance Testing.  Before a vendor can advertise that a product complies with the OpenFlow standard, the product must be tested by an authorized lab. InCNTRE has conducted the OpenFlow 1.0 Conformance Testing pilot program at the direction of the Testing and Interoperability Working Group. Now that the pilot program is complete, companies may apply for OpenFlow 1.0 certification for their products.
Members of the SDN lab will receive a discounted rate for Conformance testing.  Switch vendors can request conformance testing through the ONF website or contact InCNTRE directly.  Membership benefits include the ability to gain access to the test bed prior to the official testing date to pre test equipment and trouble shoot issues before testing begins.
Conformance testing is generally reserved in 1 week blocks.  Prior to testing, please submit the following completed forms at least one week prior to reserved block(s). 
Application for OpenFlow 1.0.1 Conformance
Conformance Equipment Form
Conformance Test Information Form (one per device)
All scheduling will be based on Lab availability. Cancellations must be made at least one week in advance.

Customer may schedule lab time for on-site pre-testing. Customer may send one engineer on-site or remotely work with a Lab engineer to execute and analyze the results of a conformance test prior to scheduling an official conformance test. Pre-testing will be scheduled for a minimum of three days during normal Lab business hours.

Official Testing
Customer must schedule a test session a minimum of two weeks in advance. Customer will not be allowed on-site during the execution of an official conformance test.

All official test runs will be performed for a single profile with a single hardware configuration, software configuration and code revision. Additional test runs with different hardware configuration, software configuration or code revisions may be requested in the test application form. Each additional test run will be conducted as an independent test at the retest rate indicated in Schedule A of the Conformance Testing Agreement.

For more information about Conformance testing, a full copy of our Conformance Testing Agreement, or to schedule lab time, please email or call +1-317-274-0840.